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Guitar Lessons

Learn to read music and play by ear!
Solos / Songs / Improv / Chords
Any style from Classical to Heavy Metal

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Bass Lessons

Learn to read music and play by ear!
Play your favorite songs
Learn the specific role of the bass guitar

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Voice Lessons

From classical to contemporary!
Breathing, head voice, and how to use a mic
are just a few topics covered

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Piano Lessons

Learn to read music and play by ear!
All styles taught, from classical to contemporary
All ages and levels

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Keyboard Lessons

More than just a piano plugged in!
Learn the specific roles of the keyboard
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Music Theory

Theory is the musical foundation for everything!
Not something to be feared
but will be your best friend!

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Advantages of Taking Private Music Lessons in Springfield MO

Music lessons are often a necessary form of formal education in playing an instrument or singing professionally. In most cases, the person taking music lessons will meet with one of our music instructors for one-on-one instruction sessions which usually last 30 minutes. The lessons often last for an extended period of months or even years.

Our music lessons are scheduled as regular appointments to teach students how to play an instrument or sing. However, here at the Studio, not only do we offer music lessons in Springfield MO, but we also offer online lessons as well as a video course how to learn guitar by yourself.

One advantage of private music lessons in Springfield MO is the individualized attention a student gets. As your personal music instructors, we will not only focus on the development of your musical “ear” but will also develop a relationship with each student. This allows us to tailor lessons based on the student’s progress in playing their various instruments.

For example, it would be pointless to try to learn advanced techniques for guitarists if you have not yet learned scales or how to play chords on the guitar! And while various YouTube instructors may focus on a specific style when demonstrating a particular skill, there are still basics that need to be mastered, regardless of the style one wants to learn. And we find that the hands-on method works best for most people. Plus, we can teach most styles of music that people want to learn to play.

Learning to play an instrument is fun and can benefit your self-esteem as well as your social skills. You will be able to entertain yourself as you learn to play. And think how much fun it would be to play music with other people at a party, on stage, at a coffeehouse, or at church. It’s even fun to get together and play with others while simply performing at home. And we would love to be part of the fun you experience learning to play music.

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